Aug 10, 2021

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Want to Increase Profit Margins in Your Thrift Store? Here’s How.

If you’re searching for new ways to increase your bottom line, this post is for you.

Hey there! We here at Hammoq want to introduce you to a new way of increasing those margins in your thrift store.

Who are we? Don’t worry! You’ll have the chance to learn a little more about us later on in the article.

When you invest the time into thinking up new practices for increasing your profits, that can take valuable minutes away from your business.

That’s why we’ve saved you the hassle and have already come up with 5 top ways.

This way, you can spend that time growing your customer base and making those monies.

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Here’s a quick breakdown for you:

  1. Advertise Like a Boss
  2. Broaden Your Networks
  3. Price Creatively
  4. Don’t Skimp on Sales
  5. Offer Something in Return

Reach out to local neighborhoods or cities via flyers, Facebook ads, or good old fashion door-to-door advertising.

At first, you may need some help in finding the perfect slogan, or catchy phrase to pull your customers in.

But, after some practicing and research, you should have no problem gaining a good base.

This is something that can bring a whole lotta bucks at a whole lotta little cost to you.

Become a social butterfly!

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When you expand your reach on social media, Google, and even in good old fashioned newspapers, you can exponentially grow the range of potential eyes on your items.

Stay tuned for our next post coming to you Thursday, that goes over how you can gain billions of eyes on your items with no extra effort!

Up your game in this area and the benefits will start showing in no time.

Here’s a tricky one. Finding that perfect price point for your customers can be a true challenge.

However, once you figure that out, you have the ability to double, triple, or even quadruple your margins!

We all know that pricing too high can leave the customer wondering where they can score your item a little cheaper.

Since we don’t want them running out of the store looking white as a ghost, make sure you’re pricing your items not only competitively, but also affordably.

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Doing so will ensure that they will actually want to come back and shop with you, because you have excellent products, and perfect pricing.

Okay, so after you get those ads out, and you’re up and running on all the socials, you’re going to get customers. And a lot of them.

The key secret to keeping them there, (or getting them there to begin with), is to actively hold super saucy sales that just seem too tempting to pass on.

You can place these sales in said ads, or you can wait until the customer gets to the storefront to surprise them.

Here’s a cool tidbit of info you maybe didn’t know. Our emotions intensify by a staggering FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT when we are surprised in any way. If you already knew this, well then, we applaud you and your braininess.

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So, when they come bee bopping into your thrift store, they’re more likely to stay if they see those enticing giant signs everywhere stating that you’ll be charging them even less than they previously thought. Winning!

Typically, we as humans feel the need to give back when something is given to us. (Especially when it’s being given for free).

Therefore, when you offer something like a “loyalty card,” you’re more likely to retain the customers that your ads, social marketing, and sales bring in.

You could offer this as an incentive in your ads along with those sales, or you could suggest this at the checkout when they’re making a purchase.

Use the method that retail stores offer, and encourage your buyers to return to your thrift store by becoming a loyal member.

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Let them know that by signing up, they’ll be sure not to miss any important *exclusive* promotions going on, or any pop-up sales happening on the fly.

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