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How to start a business buying storage units

3 Cheers for a New Mini Series!

Hey there fellow resellers and resellers to be! Today we are getting started on a new mini series from Hammoq.

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What is Hammoq you may be wondering? I suggest checking out this post when you’re finished here, to read more about them!

Wanna rest your eyeballs? No worries, we’ve got a video for you instead!

How Did You Get Started & How Do You Source?

So, Philly Phlipper, aka Paul, has been a reseller for about 2 years. Check out his YouTube channel below!

He got his start with none other than the great GaryVee! If you haven’t yet heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, and you’re in the reselling business, you may want to check him out.

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Philly Phlipper got his start like most of us, hustling part time after hearing of GaryVee’s challenge to go to yard sales and make an extra $5,000 in income.

Yep, FIVE THOUSAND! What could you do with an extra 5k in your pockets? Let us know in the comments below!

Figuring out that he could find something for a dollar, and flip it for $50, had him hooked on the first sale. He’s been part-time up until this March, where he decided to dive into the full-time realm!

During the summer, Paul will hit up yard sales and garage sales around his neighborhood. But when the chill of winter hits, he pivots his sourcing strategy over to storage units.

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Why Storage Units?

Storage units became a real thing for Paul after doing a quick Google search and realizing that there were auctions around his area!

Most of us have probably seen the show Storage Wars, which at the time seemed like a ruse. We now know better, and if you follow his tips, you’ll be sure to grasp some of your own sooner than later!

A lot of storage unit auctions have moved online since the pandemic, and he doesn’t see them going back to IRL auctions any time soon.

This can be beneficial, since you’ll be able to stay in the comfort of your own home! Yell at the screen if you must! I promise they don’t give dirty looks back. (That I know of).

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One tip to remember when you’re thinking about investing in storage units, is to be sure you have actual space to put things after they’ve been purchased.

Make sure you have a reliable vehicle to haul your new treasures in, and a place to take them to while they await their new homes.

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He suggests selling through the apps OfferUp and Nextdoor, and also enjoys selling on Facebook Marketplace. If you’re selling on Facebook Marketplace, be sure to use the business option, as you’re able to gain more perks and also enhanced customer support!

Philly Phlipper also recommends to buy in bulk if possible. Hammoq agrees! Check out our post on buying in bulk below!

What Are Your Reselling Goals?

Considering himself a “volume seller,” he typically moves items between the $20 and $30 range. This allows for more flow in his store as items are more affordable and available to a wider range of buyers.

The main goal for Philly Phlipper is simply to gain financial freedom. We’d like to second our agreement for this as well!

For Paul, reselling is it. It’s the real deal and he can’t see himself working for anyone else ever again.

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Check out this related article showing some mind blowing statistics on reselling over the next few years.

Resellers are epic, and we’re here to stay.

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What’s Your Biggest Bottleneck?

Listing. Can we get a hoorah for that? I’m sure Philly Phlipper isn’t the only one out there feeling this way.

How does Paul streamline his listing process? He’s placing trust in Hammoq’s services to help him grow and expand his business.

By enlisting the help of their VA’s, he’s able to spend more time building out his brand, learning about, and sourcing for new inventory.

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Speaking of learning, be sure to pop over to Hammoq’s website to indulge yourself in the #1 automation app on the market. Scale your business and free up your time by letting Hammoq do the listing for you.

Check out the full interview with Philly Phlipper here on our YouTube channel! Thanks for enjoying our new mini series! Catch ya on the next one!

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About the Author

Hey there!

My name is SR and I’m a writer on behalf of Hammoq. I’ve been working with them for several months now, and am so happy to have found their platform.

I have seen a huge improvement in my traffic and sales and highly recommend checking them out!

Hammoq is an online platform that has helped me and a slew of other resellers, big and small, to grow their reselling business.

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Check them out through your iPhone or Android app store and get started listing with them right away to get your sourcing time back and focus on building your brand.

You can visit their website here:

I have seen a giant jump in my sales since using their services, and cannot be more satisfied with the results.

Listing consistently is the key to success as a reseller, and Hammoq is the perfect app you need to get this accomplished.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our reselling tips and that you will see great results in your business as well!

Have a beautiful day!

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Hey there! We're a company that loves to blog about all things reselling! Check out our posts for tips on growing as a business!

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Hey there! We're a company that loves to blog about all things reselling! Check out our posts for tips on growing as a business!

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