Reseller Interview: Lisa Stevens

How To Become A Full-Time Reseller Selling Thrifted Clothing

New Mini Series: Continued!

Hey there fellow resellers and resellers to be! Today we are getting checking out another reseller story in our new mini series from .

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How Did You Get Started & How Do You Source?

So our friend Lisa has been a thrifter for life. Like most of us, she got started when she discovered that thrifting and flipping could be her full time job!

Jenna, (better know as Empty Hanger to us Poshmark sellers!), inspired her to get going on her thrifting career and she’s been at it for about 3 years now.

Like a lot of mompreneurs out there, Lisa has a 2 year old, so going to actual thrift stores has been a real challenge.

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She now prefers sourcing online more to fill in the gaps between her thrift trips. Check out these two sites she enjoys using to supplement her inventory!

Take a few tips from Lisa:

  • Shop on The RealReal only when you have coupon codes and there are sales going on! This will maximize the profit margins for reselling your new found treasures.
  • Be sure to sign up for their newsletter, as they often have random $30 coupons that come out! This can be used on anything. Yes, really!
  • Since she’s starting using to automate her listing process, she’s now able to source more frequently, and focus on learning new brands.
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What’s The Next Few Years Look Like For Your Business?

Her #1 goal at the moment is actually to invest in a storage unit. This will help bring her inventory out of her daughter’s playroom, and into its own space.

Speaking of storage units, be sure to check out another reseller makes his living flipping them!

A few smaller goals of Lisa’s, are to finish cross-posting everything from her Poshmark closet to the rest of the platforms that she now sells on.

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Pro Tip: By cross-posting, you will exponentially increase the exposure your items will be receiving, thus giving you sales more often, all the while keeping your eggs from being thrown into just one basket.

Do You See The Reselling Niche Starting To Grow?

Totally. She sees this reselling gig as sustainable, and people are starting to catch on. Shopping second hand is not only a trendy topic for resellers, but for many generations of online customers.

How Has Hammoq Helped You And Your Business?

From using some other VA services in the past, it’s clear that Hammoq was built for resellers. The virtual assistants know how to build listings correctly and do so in a timely manner.

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Do You Still Shop At Consignment Stores?

A few of Lisa’s videos mention going to places such as Plato’s Closet. Does this method of sourcing still work for her business model?

A lot of the consignment stores are further from Lisa’s home, so she’s turned to more to online shopping in bulk to supplement the lack of time for traveling to the consignment stores as she had done in the past.

Up for reading more about consignment stores? We’ve got the post for you!

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Are You Still Buying Pallets? From Where?

A few of her videos highlighted on pallets. Is she sourcing these regularly and where is she getting them from?

The Goodwill Outlet store has an option to buy pallets for a flat cost. (This option may vary by your location). This allowed Lisa to purchase multiple pallets at a good rate to have higher profit margins.

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Would You Ever Considering Hiring Staff?

A lot of resellers employ in person staff, to manage photographing, shipping, or the like.

But, for now, Lisa’s just looking to continue listing with a VA service such as , and will be taking on the rest of the IRL work by herself.

Speaking of service, be sure to pop over to ’s website to indulge yourself in the newest and truest automation app on the market.

Scale your business and free up your time by letting do the listing for you.

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