How To Be Thrifty While Thrifting

The Best Tips & Tricks to Save Pennies While Spending Dollars

How & Why to Start Saving Those Pennies

We’ve all heard the phrase, But when it comes to thrifting, I’m all about those pennies people.

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You see, going on discount days, sale days, and half off days, is where resellers really make the most bang for their buck.


Sure, you can go on regular days, (when probably not as many others are there), but then you also may end up spending twice as much on any potential inventory you find.

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How Much Could You Be Saving?

This is all well and good, as long as it sells of course. That is my problem personally, with spending too much on inventory.

As it is, of the sales on eBay, are on items that are in the ballpark of $30 and below.

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This little stat, requires you to keep your cost of goods (COG) lower when you’re able to. Which is where saving those pennies comes into play.

Just think, if you list approximately 30 items per day, multiply that by 7 days a week, by 4 weeks a month, by 12 months a year…that can add up to quite a lot of pennies!

If you average $4/item on regular days, but decide to go on half off days and only pay $2/item, that’s a savings of over TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

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Some Days and Stores to Keep in Mind for Thrifting!

Here are a few stores with their particular sales days if you want to check them out at those times.

  • Goodwill : One color tag is half off every week, and on Sundays, that color will drop to only $1.00!
  • Here is something new to me! Join Club Goodwill REwards and receive extra discounts and bonuses! OR! You can even shop with them online and bid on auctions at
  • Salvation Army: Every Wednesday will feature all clothes and accessories half off EXCEPT one color tag. (This has always worked out well for me!)
  • Savers: Join their Super Savers Membership Club to max out on the best deals when they come available!
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Make sure you are always subscribing to thrift stores email and text lists! This is the way to be in the know and make sure you aren’t missing any of those savings!

My personal favorite thrift stores are always the mom and pop ones.

Most times, their prices are much more affordable, and they are more likely to give you a better deal on a large amount of items, depending on how much you’re looking to get that day.

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Churches also fall into this same category, as they often let the public in to shop their donations once a month or so, most times at a very reasonable rate.

August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day! So be sure you are checking out all the local deals in your area so that you’re ready and prepared!

Some Other Quick Tips I’ve Learned Thus Far (In Regards to Clothing)

Learn your fabrics! This is key to helping me move quickly through the aisles. After touching thousands of pieces of clothing, you’ll get a good idea of what a quality fabric feels like. Don’t forget it!

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Time is money after all, and you don’t want to be wasting it by feeling and looking at every single piece on the rack.

but as your reselling skills hone in, you will pretty much need the costume because you’ll be blowing by the competition!

The more knowledge you have about items beforehand, the faster and more efficiently you can move through the thrift stores.

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I like to do this especially at estate sales,

Most often, they have a long line anyways, or if you’re early, you’ll probably be waiting a while.

So instead of just scrolling through Insta or taking selfies with your super thrifty friends, try and absorb as much reselling related criteria that you can within that time frame!

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Simply meaning that if there are clothes and shoes inside, check out the top selling brands at the time!

Or if you’re an electronics, plush, or cards seller, check those out instead!

Being fully knowledgeable about what you’re looking to score, will not only help with moving quickly, but also may help you out when negotiation starts up.

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